Saturday, September 3, 2022

poem for my nephew's wedding

 I Do

Today it’s easy to say I do 

It spills from the lips 

Like the words are running downhill

But what you’re really saying today is I will

To a long list of lofty promises:

To honor and cherish

To love and support 

To hold in your heart.

Then rings are exchanged

And it all gets sealed with a kiss

But it only begins with I do.

The rest becomes your life.

Don't let it be an empty platitude,

Frivolous words before the kids and mortgages,

Before you start to bicker and feud,

Before the graying of roots

And the slow slackening of form,

Before the unraveling of all you thought you knew.

I do is not just today

It’s Monday and Sunday

And all the holidays

And in-between days 

It’s bringing coffee with two creams

It’s getting dressed in the dark 

While your loved one sleeps 

It’s random flowers and front row seats

It’s laughing in the rain 

When you forget your umbrella

And feeding the geese 

Next to a sign that says not to.

I do could be everyday.

It’s entirely up to you.  

Have the courage to allow

It to follow you around,

Eavesdrop on your conversations

Sit with your anger and irritations

Invite it to every joyful celebration.

I do is always welcome

I do is always ready 

I do is right now

And because now 

Belongs to eternity

I do is ever renewed.

But it takes a concerted effort

From both man and wife

It must be tended to

For I do is nothing without the doing

Just as love withers without the loving.

I do is the rest of your life 

It isn’t just a promise,

It’s a linked chain of events 

And someday hence when age,

Illness and weariness steal in

You’ll marvel at all the things you did 

Now that your days together are nearly done

And you’ll ask her if she loves you as much 

As she did when you were young, handsome and strong 

And she’ll clasp your hand and smile

And whisper once again

I do


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