Sunday, September 18, 2022


 Pour One Out 

Families are sometimes imperfect 

Vessels to pour our love into

But pour it out we must because

Let’s face it, how else will you taste it?

There will be spills, rest assured,

And you will get unreasonably angry 

Ruing all the love you think you wasted. 

Carafes and bottles eventually

Get chipped, cracked, temporarily misplaced.

Sometimes they dull to the 

Clouded opacity of old glass 

But something happens 

To the love we store there

In dust laden receptacles under stairwells

In cabinets above the refrigerators 

It never matters how much time passes

What we pour in every year 

Mixes with the tannins and acids 

Of unexpected joys and silly estrangements 

And ages into the finest of wines 

Where every year is the best vintage

Every bottle the perfect pairing 

To a rollicking holiday feast  

All we have to do is uncork it.

When we gather together 

Our host carefully pours 

Some into each of our glasses

And then we take turns

Making a series of exuberant toasts

That sometimes can last hours 

We lose track of time

We never run out of wine 


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