Wednesday, September 14, 2022



I stopped wearing neckties

To the hospital for rounds

No more Windsor knots

For me, too much work 

Too much like a noose

Hanging from my gallows 

Paisley power blue tips

Whisking across seeping wounds 

Spreading germs and disease 

I won’t contribute

Anymore to my own death

It’s enough just being alive

It’s why I don't smoke or skydive 

Or swallow swords or play with fire

Why hasten the end?

I should have joined the circus—

The world's smallest man

Watch him twist himself into

A tiny bug-sized bow tie,

The gift shop with rows

Of miniature reproductions 

Of my pretzled contortions 

Made from strands of wool

Dyed the color of human flesh.

You have to squint to appreciate

The pointless artistry.

My body is a perfect ligature

Knotted so tight

The skin is starting to blue.  


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