Wednesday, September 14, 2022


 Look Up

Clouds trundling across sky

Like cargo containers in a depot

Life is clouds wandering by 

Where do they go?

Parked outside my office building

I’m 15 minutes late 

Making all the patients wait 

That's when you notice 

The clouds are always moving

No matter how still you need 

Everything to be, like now,  

When you're trying to write 

A searing love letter

That doubles as a break-up letter, 

Using the same arguments 

With the same old words 

A letter that only ends 

When a language is exhausted 

The way a puzzle is only finished

When you’ve used all the pieces 

Life is self gazing, watching it pass

Saying please come back

Please come back, please.

When we’re honest

We feel the forward motion 

And let it take us.

The next time I get stuck,

Lost for words

Bogged down in the mud

Of a stagnant constancy 

I’ll just look up

I may even laugh

No words, just clouds

A life!

My life! 

Heedlessly drifting away 


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